14 October 2015

Song of Cleo from 5 to 7

上星期看過一套1962年的法國電影Cleo from 5 to 7,戲裡有一場關於女角選歌及以鋼琴伴奏那一場,歌實在是很不錯,念念不忘下在youtube找回聽聽,分享一下

第一幕是生動鬼馬客串演出的電影配樂大師Michel Legrand年輕時的歌聲,歌名是La Menteuse,兩種唱法也很好聽,尾段另一首歌是另一故事,歌詞有趣,但可惜youtube上沒有配上

第二首是女角solo的Sans Toi,配上故事中女角當時的情況,滿悲慘的,難怪最後她唱不下去

Cleopatra, I worship you
With all doors open wide With the wind rushing through I'm like an empty house Without you Without you Like a deserted isle Invaded by seas My sands slip away Without you Without you With beauty unseen Exposed to cruel winter My soul cannot dream Without you Without you Gnawed away by despair My body decays In an open bier Without you If you wait too long I'll have been laid to rest Ashen, pale and alone Without you Without you



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